Reuniting With A Dear Friend

Twenty two years ago, I embarked on a whirlwind three-week Contiki tour around Europe. The trip introduced me to two wonderful people who became cherished friends–Australians Sue and Dave. This week, I had the great pleasure of being reunited with Dave, for the first time since my last visit Down Under in 2009.

Way back when: Dave, me and Sue in Europe, May 1994.

As soon as I saw Dave, it felt like no time at all had passed. We picked up right where we left off–enjoying some beloved NYC haunts along the way.

Dave and me at the Gansevoort Hotel’s rooftop bar Plunge

We brunched outside at neighborhood eateries Beach Cafe and Five Napkin Burger, both of which I love even more now because they’re dog-friendly. My sweet Benji joined me and Dave, quietly taking in the scenery while we ate.

Dave took this photo of me and Benji at Beach Café

Taking advantage of picture perfect weather, Dave and I also strolled around Central Park and the High Line, and did rooftop drinks at Meatpacking District hipster hotspot the Gansevoort Hotel. For dinner, we lingered at The Plaza’s Food Hall by Todd English (epic truffled lobster mac and cheese), savored the Greek delights of Gramercy bistro Barbounia and indulged in Italian fare at favorite UES Bottega restaurant (Tiramisu to die for).

Truffled lobster mac and cheese at The Plaza Hotel’s Food Hall. Yum!!!

Throughout the delicious meals and engaging local sights, Dave and I shared wonderful, soul-soothing conversations about life, love, loss, careers and travel. I was in awe when Dave told me about his post-tsunami volunteer work in Sri Lanka. And he listened with compassion as I confided what I have been through over the last year.

I’m a big believer in the saying that friends are the family we choose for ourselves. God has truly blessed me in my extended family–and I am so thankful Dave is a part of it.

Til next time, my dear friend.

Why I’m Smitten All Over Again

Years ago, during my Single Gal In The City days, a blog reviewer astutely identified my most successful love affair. That love affair is blossoming anew as I rediscover the many joys of life in the Big Apple.

Even on a cloudy day, still the world’s most beautiful skyline.

Though I’ve been back in NYC since September, it’s only in the last couple of months that I have fully reconnected with my hometown. The depression that gripped me during the intervening period made it difficult to enjoy being home again. But as I started to come out of the despair, I kept thinking about something my late and beloved mom once said—that in the darkest times of her life, walking the streets of New York gave her strength. In the course of helping me find my way back to the light, my hometown has stolen my heart all over again.
Fluctuating temperatures notwithstanding, this has been a new season for me in so many ways.
One month into my job at the legendary Pierre Hotel, I am truly savoring every workday. From a picturesque location directly across from Central Park to talented and welcoming colleagues—The Pierre has reminded me why I love what I do. Hospitality attracts creative, dedicated and generous people. And it offers the opportunity to be immersed in everything that makes the Big Apple so special.

Girls Night Out: With dear friends Sara (left) and Natalie (right) and my beloved cousin Alexandra.

Over the last week, I’ve been to three Broadway shows (Present Laughter, On Your Feet and Cats—all must sees!). I’ve taken in the sweeping views from Top of The Rock and walked the High Line with one of my best friends. I’ve enjoyed a girls night out that included dinner at Rosa Mexicano in Union Square and seeing the always awesome Jessie’s Girl. And I’ve enjoyed a beer garden and five-star cheese shop in Williamsburg. On the work front, I’ve helped to launch an exciting upcoming outdoor event and I’ve become acquainted with a delightful, accomplished opera singer who shares my passion for all things NYC.

Jessie’s Girl: the best 80’s band period.

I feel like I am looking at every Big Apple adventure through fresh eyes. Before my five-month stint last year in L.A., my vision was more than a little cloudy when it came to NYC. Now, I know with every fiber of my being that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. In the city so great they named it twice. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

And where it’s never, ever too late to begin again.

An Epic Girls Day Out

One of the high points of my five month stint in LA last year was getting to know my colleague Inga. We became fast friends while working at the SLS At Beverly Hills, bonding over our long distance then-boyfriends and efforts to acclimate to California life.

All smiles with Inga in L.A. last year

Inga later moved back to Hawaii, her home prior to LA. We got to catch up this week while she was in town, during a truly epic girls day out.

Our first stop was Vella, a wine bar that used to be a favorite of mine. Time hasn’t been kind to this Upper East Side venue. The hostess was surly when I asked if they could turn down the blaring house music more appropriate for a nightclub. We were given dirty glasses that had lipstick marks on them, as did the replacement ones. If you’re in the neighborhood, skip this place and visit the far superior Uva and Vero.

Enjoying wine at delightful Mela East Restaurant

Our second destination more than made up for the first. Mela East restaurant offers rustic charm, great Italian fare and wine selections, and fantastic service. Affable Italy-born host Enzo took great care of us.

While seated comfortably at the bar, Inga and I continued our wonderful, wide ranging conversation. We talked about career crossroads, why L.A. wasn’t for either for us, old flames, new crushes and the joys of having a pet (I’m planning to get a dog soon). About ten hours passed before we said goodnight.

Another dear friend bought me an engraving that says friendship brings the sun. As I come out of the darkness of depression, it is truly the light of all my friends that has gotten me to the other side. That and being back in the city I love more than ever.

Not Quite Home Yet

One of the great blessings that has helped in transitioning to life in LA is knowing some pretty awesome people out here. I was reminded of this during a recent girls night out with journalism school classmate Cole.


A.O.C. in West Hollywood (photo courtesy:

We met up at cozy West Hollywood wine bar A.O.C. Over some fantastic white wine and shared plates, Cole and I had a fantastic conversation about long distance love, leaving the TV news world behind and the emotional journey of moving from NYC to LA.

It felt so comforting to talk about shared experiences — from acclimating to LA’s significantly more sprawling layout and follow your bliss vibe to the high volume of aspiring celebrities waiting to be discovered at almost every bar/restaurant. And to have a sympathetic ear for the challenges of making such a huge life change.

I am thankful for the opportunity that brought me here and the great friends new and old in my new zip code. Still, LA doesn’t quite feel like home yet. That reality was apparent during two recent weekends away when I was asked by multiple Uber drivers where I am from.

“I’m from New York but I live in LA,” I replied.

I just couldn’t bring myself to say I am from LA. When you’ve spent most of your life in New York like I have, it is more than your hometown — it is a huge part of who you are.

Of course, it has only been 3 months since I left the Big Apple and I have barely scratched the surface of La La Land. But I know for sure that I will continue to carry NYC with me. Always.

Getting To Know West Hollywood

On Thursday, I enjoyed a girls night out with my colleague Inga.

After work, we headed over to Santa Monica–my favorite part of L.A. for years now with its iconic pier, fabulous restaurants and shops and pedestrian friendly streets. Over a delicious dinner at Italian bistro Locanda Del Lago on the Third Street Promenade, Inga and I talked about the joys of working in hospitality, much loved travel destinations and the time it takes to settle into life in a new place. Inga just relocated here from Hawaii. Though she lived here years ago, she understands the ups and downs that accompany starting over.
One of the definite ups–getting to know my new hometown more and more each day. And discovering just how great my neighborhood of West Hollywood is.

The tree-lined charm of Swall Drive

After years of living in the concrete jungle of Manhattan, I love residing on a quiet, tree-lined street of low-rise buildings. But the New Yorker in me also loves that I’m within walking distance of two huge supermarkets, Madeo–one of LA’s best Italian restaurants (popular with lots of celebs, apparently) and the trendy bars and eateries Santa Monica Boulevard.
As I become better acquainted with WeHo and surrounding areas, I am truly savoring the firsts along the way. A few that stood out this week:
     Discovering Sushi Mon, a cozy Japanese eatery just a few blocks from my pad. Mission to find favorite neighborhood sushi place accomplished!

The Naked Roll at Sushi Mon: yum!!

      Walking past a restaurant on Melrose and seeing three paparazzi camped out. Closest I’ve come so far to a celeb sighting!
      Taking the bus. For all the criticism I’ve heard about LA’s public transportation, my first experience of it was great. Easy 10 minute ride home from Beverly Hills. And the bus driver insisted on taking only $1 of the $1.75 fare when I scrambled for change (that never happens in NYC, where MTA drivers will give you the stink eye and hold up the bus if you don’t have exact fare).
      Getting a haircut at Danny Vee Salon. When you uproot your entire life, reintroducing familiar pleasures–like the joy of good old fashioned pampering–takes on a special joy.
The next first I’m looking forward to here–having a home with furniture in it. Soon (though not soon enough!), my belongings will finally arrive from NYC. After a month of living with only a bed and comfy chair, it is going to feel downright luxurious to have all of my stuff again.
In the meantime, I continue to be grateful for what I have been able to bring with me — most especially the love and support of my nearest and dearest.

Burger Bliss: 5 Napkin’s New Addition



In the crowded landscape of burger joints in the Big Apple, Five Napkin Burger is one of the best. So I was excited when 5N recently opened a second location — right around the corner from me.


5N’s asiago turkey burger is delish

Like its sister restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen, the Upper East Side 5N offers a low-lit bistro vibe, friendly wait staff and a mouthwatering menu of options for burger aficionados. During my first visit, I grabbed a high table near the bar and enjoyed the asiago turkey burger, delicious and as plentiful in size as its beef counterpart. Their cocktail menu is equally robust. I enjoyed the Velvet Mule, a refreshing variation on the Moscow mule.

Signature drinks were also on the menu during my second visit to 5N, with galpal Ayesha. She tried the Breakaway Mai Tai while I savored a Rum Swizzle Punch, both from the Caribbean-inspired drink menu section, and which immediately made me think about relaxing on an island somewhere.

Served in a tiki glass, the Rum Swizzle Punch is a taste of the Caribbean

Speaking of travels, we talked about upcoming vacations (I’ve got 3 getaways planned for 2016), fighting the holiday battle of the bulge and job changes. The new year will bring an new dimension to work, with the addition of the Sheraton Grand Chicago to my marketing manager job. So excited for this–and the promise of a fresh start that always accompanies turning the calendar page.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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