Looking Through A Different Lens

One of my favorite books is Amy Spencer’s inspiring Bright Side Up: 100 Ways To Be Happier Right NowAnd one of my favorite pearls of wisdom in it is about refocusing your perspective.

“Like the camera lens of life,” Amy writes, “We can zoom out from the negative stuff and see the whole picture. Pull back and see what else is there–the good stuff.”

I found myself doing exactly that during a recent photo shoot with my cousin Alexandra and fabulous photographer Andrea Reese.

The afternoon began at my place, with Alexandra working her makeup artist magic to make me ready for my closeup.

Getting all glammed up

After an hour in her capable hands, I felt like a supermodel–especially when Andrea arrived brimming with excitement and effervescence. Her infectious energy put me at ease right away.

Once Alexandra put the finishing touches on my makeup, the three of us went into my room, where Andrea put on her stylist hat to help select wardrobe and accessories for the shoot. We then headed up to my building’s roof deck — a true urban oasis — for the first series of photos. In the background, a swimsuit-clad resident lounging around while a more clothed neighbor read the newspaper. Only in New York.

All smiles on the roof deck

For the next setup, Andrea led us to a series of nearby locations all within a five block radius.

One of my favorites from the shoot. My cousin rocks.

From a townhouse stoop and distressed wall to a nearby playground and the rich red doors of favorite dive bar O’Flanagan’s, Andrea made me appreciate my neighborhood in a completely new way. Seeing how she views everything through a creative, beauty seeking lens helped me reframe my own view–and reminded me it’s never too late to do that.

Two hours and plenty of smiles and sultry poses later, my supermodel moment drew to a close. As I told Alexandra, I really didn’t want to wash my face that night, particularly since the makeup was still completely intact.

You can check out more of the many great photos that Andrea took here. And there’s still one more week of my giveaway extravaganza, including two tickets to the new Off Broadway comedy Get Me A Guy (full review to come) and a one-night stay at The Westin New York Grand Central! Visit this page for info about how to enter.

A New Chapter

I’m excited to begin this new blogging chapter with the above video welcome–and 14 days of great giveaways!

For the next week, I’ll be celebrating the launch of New York City Gal by giving away some great prizes, including: fabulous dating advice books (many written by fellow New Yorkers) and a one-night stay at The Westin New York Grand Central!

The Westin is located in the heart of Midtown NYC–and where I’m so fortunate to spend my workdays. 🙂

I’ll be revealing each day’s prize on Twitter and Facebook. Visit the Seven Days of Giveaways page for details about how to enter!

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