Family Fun With My First L.A. Visitor

I recently hit the 90-day mark of my move to LA. And with it has come the inevitable bumps of the emotional roller coaster that accompanies relocating to a new city.

Friends who have made similar moves have said the 3-6 month mark is the toughest. Because the euphoria begins to wear off, replaced by the reality of having to build a life and cultivate a new support system. What I am learning is that it is much easier to do that when you’re in your twenties — as I did multiple times, moving to Bangor, Maine, Dover, Delaware and Sydney, Australia — than it is at this stage of life.

Still, the Facebook perception until recently was all was sunny literally and metaphorically for me in La La Land. Which is why I decided to come clean about the challenges I’ve been having. The outpouring of support truly lifted my spirits, as did welcoming my first visitor from back home, my beloved cousin Carla.

All smiles in Malibu with Carla

Our action-packed weekend together showed me how much I have learned in a short time about my adopted hometown, and that I have actually been here long enough now to have a small semblance of geographic bearings. It was such a joy to share amazing meals and decadent cocktails at my favorite eateries (Madeo, Sushi Mon, A.O.C. and Doheny Room) and to explore new venues (Mastro’s Ocean Club, Culina). And to indulge our inner child with a trip to Universal Studios. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a fan’s dream come true. The absolutely delicious frozen butterbeer concoction is a must.

My first visit here in more than two decades!

Carla and I also enjoyed a few brushes with celebrity over the long weekend. We had a quick drink at Craig’s on Melrose Avenue as papparazzi waited outside for Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight (whom we didn’t see). We were turned away from hotspot The Nice Guy because Dawsons Creek star James Van Der Beek was having a private party there. But the real A-list moment happened at Culina, when Carla spotted a guy in a white fedora seated a few tables away. Who was the hatted man? None other than Empire actor Terrence Howard.

During her visit, Carla surprised me with a silver bracelet engraved with the phrase, “Forever Family.” Seeing her was a much needed and comforting reminder of how true those words are. What a blessing.

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